Research in Progress Seminar Series

This monthly seminar series features two speakers (trainees or PIs) from Duke, UNC or NIEHS. The talks are informal with lots of discussion. Refreshments and dinner are provided from 5:00-5:30pm followed by the two ~30 min talks (5:30-6:30pm). The venue alternates between UNC (Genome Science Bldg) and Duke (147 Nanaline Duke Bldg). 

2023 Schedule

September 20th @ Duke, Presenters – Duke: David Fiflis (Asokan Lab); UNC: You Li (Lemon Lab)

October 11th @ UNC, Presenters – NIEHS: Brad Klemm (Traci Hall Lab); UNC: Justin Waldern (Laederach Lab)

November 8th @ Duke, Presenters – Duke: Debby Silver lab; UNC: Ike Emerson (Conlon Lab)

December 6th @ UNC, Presenters – Duke: Amanda Hargrove Lab, UNC: Weeks Lab

January 10th @ Duke, Presenters – Duke: Haixiang Yu (Sullenger Lab), UNC: Aleman Lab

February 21st @ UNC, Presenters – NIEHS: Guang Hu lab, UNC: Yogitha Chareddy (Pecot Lab)

March 13th @ Duke, Presenters – NIEHS: Jacob Gordon (Stanley Lab), UNC: Elizabeth Abrash (Calabrese Lab)

April 10th @ UNC, Presenters – Duke: Don Fox lab, UNC: Qi Zhang Lab

May 8th @ Duke, Presenters – Duke: Stacy Horner lab, UNC: TBD